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Premium Machinery s.a.l (offshore) is a sister company for Kain Group Est.

Premium Machinery s.a.l (offshore) is an engineering and contracting company that specializes in the design and
contracting of power plant workshops as well as car repair workshops (for service and maintenance) from A to Z
including training and commissioning as well. Our role starts from the very beginning stages of the project where
we put the design of the workshop and draw the layout; then to the provision of all the necessary equipment and
tools for the operation of the workshop in all its sections: Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Instrument, General
Servicing, Maintenance, & Car Repair Section. And last by supervising the installation of the equipment and starting
them up and if requested by the customer we do the commissioning and training. Some of the projects which we
have handled are: Riyadh Power Plant No. 10 in KSA, Qurayyah Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant in KSA,
Marib Power Plant Project in Yemen, Riyadh Power Plant No. 12 in KSA…etc.


The activities of Premium Machinery s.a.l (offshore) are held totally outside Lebanon. Yet, our offshore company
also deals with the Construction Equipment which Kain Group Est. deals with, but as cross shipments directly from
our factory in Italy to any country in the ME and Africa.


ALFA CENTER, GHAZIEH ZAHRANI STREET, Ghazieh - LEBANON - TEL 00961 7 224330 - FAX 00961 7 224331
ألفا سنتر, الغازية طريق الزهراني, غازية - لبنان