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Kain Group Est.

Kain Group Est. was founded and established by the entrepreneur Adham Kain in 1991 who has structured
the Company step by step over the years to become an important enterprise in Lebanon and the Middle East
region. Today, the company manufactures Lighting Towers, assembles Generators, and mechanical concrete
vibrators of high standards under our brand name: “Breaker Premium” and we export our products to the
whole Middle East and Africa. We also have a factory in Italy that manufactures a wide range of construction
equipment holding the brand-name “Breaker” which we have exclusivity for distributing in all the Middle East
and Africa.
Kain Group Est. has built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions in the construction sector and its
product range is categorized as follows:
 Generating Sets
 Lighting Tower
 Concrete Mixers
 Dumpers
 Concrete Smoothers
 Air Compressors
 Asphalt Cutters
 Aspirators (Vacuum
 Bench Saws
 Concrete Buckets
 Block Cutters/ Splitters
 Drilling Machines
 Diamond Blades &
 Forklifts
 Hydraulic Equipment
 Mechanical Concrete
 Pressure Washers
 Pneumatic Equipment
 Chain Saws for
Reinforced Concrete
 Vibrating Plate
 Steel cutting and
bending machines
 Scaffolding and props
Our Products are certified by The European Community CE, following high Italian standards and are made of
sustainable quality to serve different Construction projects.
We tie up with contractors, and subcontractors to end up with successful projects in different sectors:
 Residential
 Commercial
 Roads & Infrastructure
 Other construction projects
Our team of engineers, sales & consultants help you to strategically choose the ideal machinery that best serves
the project in terms of type, and specifications.
Our Services consist of:
 Know our customer project requirement
 Deliver the equipment (& if requested by the customer we can install / start up the machine)
 After Sales service.