About Us

Kain Group Est. was founded and established by the entrepreneur Adham Kain in 1991 who has structured
the Company step by step over the years to become an important enterprise in Lebanon and the Middle East
region. Today, the company manufactures Lighting Towers, assembles Generators, and mechanical concrete
vibrators of high standards under our brand name: “Breaker Premium” and we export our products to the
whole Middle East and Africa. We also have a factory in Italy that manufactures a wide range of construction
equipment holding the brand-name “Breaker” which we have exclusivity for distributing in all the Middle East
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Premium Machinery s.a.l

Premium Machinery s.a.l (offshore) is a sister company for Kain Group Est. Premium Machinery s.a.l (offshore) is an engineering and contracting company that specializes in the design and contracting of power plant workshops as well as car repair workshops (for service and maintenance) from A to Z including training and commissioning as well... Read More